About Our Truggy's Design

The basic design concept behind a Stenger Built truggy is a Trophy Truck. A trophy truck utilizes the most
extreme off-road technology available to us today. Trophy trucks compete in races like both the Baja 500 and 1000. They can reach speeds of up to 150MPH in the dirt when supplied the right amount of

A Stenger Built truggy is a front engine three or four link rear suspension system with long travel
A-arm suspension combined into a sleeker, lighter chasis without the heavy trophy truck carbon composite body and extremely high price tag. Stenger Built truggy's weigh about 3,000LBS. Trophy trucks usually weigh about 6,000LBS. Our truggy's are built with both the wheel base and width within inches of most trophy trucks designs.
Another benefit to our Truggy's is the price. Trophy trucks can cost as much as $750,000, with additional costs for racing. A Stenger Built truggy is a great way to allow you and your passengers to experience the thrill of a trophy truck for a fraction of the price. Our truggy's are priced under $100,000.